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Model: Goldtone Banjolele w/ Rosewood Neck

Banjo Ukulele Gold Tone

This openback concert-scale instrument is the only banjo ukulele at this price point to come with a factory-installed pickup for easy amplification. It has an...

Model: Goldtone Banjo w/ Ebony Neck

Banjo Gold Tone

The Gold Tone AC-1 Banjo sets the bar for an economical, well-made, great-sounding and durable beginner banjo. Proclaimed "Best in Show / MUST Stock" instrument at the 2016...

Model: Cort Concert Ukulele

A brilliant, full sounding Concert Uke from Cort featuring solid Blackwood top, back and sides and a mahogany neck...


Brunswick BU4S Soprano Ukulele

With it's brilliant mahogany construction throughout, this ukulele offers fantastic tone at a fantastic price. Fitted with high quality geared machine heads,...


Brunswick BU5C Concert Ukulele

This ukulele is the blonde version of this popular concert sized model from Brunswick. It has a satin finished maple top, back and sides.Cream body binding on...

Model: Brunswick Electric Concert Ukulele

Featuring the same great build quality as it’s acoustic counterpart, these Concert Ukuleles is also installed with a G-Tone pickup and tuner...

Model: Brunswick

Another staple of Brunswicks fantastic workmanship, the mahogany body and Aquila strings are the perfect compliment for this baritones sounds!...

Model: Brunswick Soprano Ukulele

These wonderfully built Ukuleles’ are just the thing for anyone looking to learn how to play! Equipped with Aquila strings these Ukes are easy...

Model: Blackwater Bass Ukulele

Blackwater Bass Ukulele with a Quilted Ash body, including Aquila strings and a built in tuner. Amazing amount of bass for such a little thing, and even more booming when plugged into a bass...

Model: Tanglewood Ukulele TU-9 EQ

This Tanglewood TU-9 EG is one of our best Ukuleles that we have at Treble and for the money, you just can’t beat it! Made with mahogany top,...


Barnes and Mullins Soprano Ukulele

This gorgeous instrument features an individually book-matched maple soundboard for a beautiful look as well as a beautiful clear sound.


Barnes and Mullins Concert Ukulele

This gorgeous instrument from Barnes and Mullins features individually book-matched maple construction - every instrument is unique.



Brunswick BU4CE Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele

This fantastic instrument features mahognay top, back and sides and is fitted with high-quality geared machine heads. Also features a...

Model: Barnes & Mullins Tenor Ukulele

This one catches the eye in the best way possible, Barnes & Mullins’ own Tenor Ukulele boasts a lovely spruce top along with a gorgeous...


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