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DV Mark Little Jazz 1x8" Combo 45W

DV Mark are well-known as the Italian innovators of high-spec low-weight amplifiers and the Little Jazz 45W combo demonstrates this to the fullest. Featuring...

This amp has seen action in every imaginable venue and remains indispensable to this day. Be it rock, jazz, country or anything else, this is what a clean electric guitar sounds like - or add an...


100W Marshall JCM 2000 DSL + JCM 900 4x12

Quintessential Marshall tone in a versatile modern package; twin overdrive modes provide for both searing lead and chunky rhythm tones, and reverb...


"Wasaphone" Handmade Microphones

Wasaphone are a brand-new company making authentic lo-fi microphones from vintage telephone speakers and flour dredgers. Hand built in Clifton, Bristol,...


The world’s most popular tube amps just got better! Fender® Hot Rod series amplifiers are found on every stage in the world, large and small, and are used by guitarists from all walks of life....


Fender® tube amps are considered the most treasured guitar amplifiers of all time. Popular models like the Showman® and Band-Master®, the first professional tube heads on the market, are...

Model: Mesa Dual Rectifier Solo 100w All Tube Head

The Undisputed king of all things rock! The Mesa Dual Rectifier 100w Solo Head features 3 channels - clean, crunch and screaming lead. Nothing does it better! Includes full road flight case. As new...

Model: Mesa 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Loaded with vintage 30 celestians, the Mesa 2x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet delivers a superb sound and is the perfect partner to our Mesa Dual Rectifier 100w head also available to look at on our...


Orange Tiny Terror

Though it's easily carried in one hand, this little monster still packs a punch. Switchable between 7 and 15W modes this amp can put that classic Orange crunch tone...


Orange Rocker 30 Combo

Now discontinued, the Orange Rocker 30 crushes the sound of a full Orange stack into one 30-watt 1x12 package. Twin EL84's and triple 12AX7's driving a Celestion...


Little Mark III Bass Head.

All the volume and tone of a 500 watt bass head in a unit that fits in a gig bag pocket!

Weighing only 2.9 Kilos this ultra portable bass head boast all...


1 x 15" Mark Bass 400W cab. Amazingly light cab with a massive sound.


USA made Fender Blues Junior III in very good condition. This compact all valve 15watt combo has plenty of balls to fill most venues. With fantastic natural clean and driven sounds this amp a joy...


Vox AC15.

A classic British built all valve class A amplifier, recently serviced. Astonishingly loud but with master volume to enable classic Vox tones at usable volumes.


Model: C212 V

This 2x12” has a slant-top design, which makes it easy to hear what you’re playing on stage without elevating or angling the cab.

Very roadie-friendly, easy to move around and fit on...


DV Mark DV 40 1x12" Combo

Sparkling high end, searing mids and tight, powerful low end, this amp can deliver any and every tone the gigging guitarist needs. Featuring Class A - A/B power...

Model: GC50A

Laney GC50A.

Dual channel electro-acoustic/electric 50watt guitar combo, made in the UK.

One channel of this amp is designed for elecric guitar, featuring an overdrive section. The...

Model: S6420

1964 Supro Thunderbolt model S6420.

This amp appears to be in completely original coinition featuring two 6L6 power tubes running class A.

It produces 25watts of wonderful vintage...


1976 Band Master in good condition and sounds fantastic. Also available 2 x 15" speaker cab @ £150.


This Marshall 150-watt 1x12 combo comes equipped with four footswitchable channels. Two separate overdrives, one clean and one acoustic simulator. There are two separate three-band EQs and two...


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